Kinganma 킹안마추천 x Sleep Therapy


Glad Live Gangnam ‘Kinganma 킹안마추천 x Sleep Therapy’ Package Launches

“In celebration of the 4th anniversary of Glad Drive Gangnam, collaboration with HoneyNaps, a sleep research company, and Cherish, a space brand using Kinganma 킹안마추천
Open four concept rooms offering optimal sleep environment, personal sleep type analysis and customized solutions”

Life Style Curator, Glad Live Gangnam will showcase the “Art X Sleep Therapy” package from September 28 to December 20, 2020, along with “Honeynap,” a sleep research company, and “Cherish,” a color-based space brand, for customers who want to enjoy their trip in an exotic space.

The “Kinganma 킹안마추천X Sleep Therapy” package will provide a one-night stay in a concept room decorated with four themes: Cherish’s Kinganma 킹안마추천 & Nature-inspired color composition, HoneyNaps’ sleep scanning program, where you can experience a good night’s sleep. The DE-STRESS theme room is a representative color where you can feel nature and improves the quality of sleep through a stress-relieving green color, and the SLEEP BETTER theme room uses purple colors, which are most common in sunrise and sunset, to improve the balance of the body and recover from fatigue. The ENERGY UP! theme room can help you sleep by energizing the yellow color in the works of Van Gogh, who loved the starlight, and the CALM DOWN theme room uses the blue color of Hockney, who liked the swimming pool, and helps you sleep by providing a tranquilizer.

In addition, a one-on-one sleep environment diagnosis ticket worth 100,000 won and a cherry household wind voucher of 30,000 won will be provided at the Cherish store, along with a slip verer solution kit consisting of Honeynap’s oxygen cube, sleeping beverage, and organic bath agent. In addition, an Instagram event will be held at the MyM sofa photo zone decorated in the lobby space of Glad Live Gangnam to provide a MyM three-person sofa and Starbucks cake set.

In particular, the four concept rooms are equipped with Honeynap’s sleep scanning smart mattress that checks the sleep bio-signal and sleep quality of the guest, and are sent individually after checking out to customers who have written consent.

A Glad Hotel marketing official said, “To mark the 4th anniversary of Glad Drive Gangnam’s opening, we thanked customers for using the hotel, and we planned a package for customers who cannot go on a trip due to COVID-19 but want to enjoy the trip in a special space.” “I hope you enjoy cultural life in a space decorated with Kinganma 킹안마추천 during the day and experience a special experience at Glad Hotel at night with the service of the nation’s top sleep research company,” he said.

Meanwhile, HoneyNaps is Korea’s top sleep research company with sleep-to-sleep bio-signal sensing technology, artificial intelligence algorithm for real-time large-capacity bio-signal analysis, and database platform technology.

Anti-anxiety effect guaranteeing safety of buspirone

Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health disorders in the elderly. According to the National Health Insurance Corporation data, the number of patients with anxiety disorders increased 1.3 times in 2013 compared to 2008, from 398,000 to 522,000. In particular, in the analysis by age, the prevalence rate per 100,000 people was 1,490 in their 50s, 2,147 in their 60s, and 3051 in their 70s, showing an increasing trend with age. Unlike normal anxiety, general anxiety disorder can be divided into the manifestation of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms such as phobias, palpitations, and hyperventilation. However, in the case of elderly patients, the symptoms of anxiety disorder are not clear, and the risk of anxiety disorders is higher in the elderly population because it can be caused by various causes, such as the morbidity of various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and socioeconomic environment.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Strategies
The diagnosis of anxiety disorder was summarized after DSM-IV, and it was also reflected in the Korean-style generalized anxiety disorder drug treatment algorithm announced in 2009. In the algorithm, benzodiazepine anti-anxiety drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), antidepressants such as mirtazapine, anticonvulsants such as pregabalin, and antihistamines such as hydroxyzine are used for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. SSRIs, SNRIs, and buspirone were recommended as first-line treatment while atypical antipsychotics such as antipsychotics and quetiapine are being used.

Among them, as of 2009, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved paroxetine and escitalopram for SSRI, venlafaxine XR for SNRI, alprazolam, lorazepam, diazepam, and azipyrone buspirone for anxiety disorders. recommended as a drug.

Harm of benzodiazepines
While various drugs are being proposed as therapeutic drugs, benzodiazepines, a representative anti-anxiety drug, are caught in a number of adverse events. While dependence and withdrawal symptoms, increased risk of falls and fractures, interaction with alcohol, abnormal exercise capacity, high sedation effect, and death have already been reported as adverse events, various side effects have been reported in the elderly aged 65 years or older.

Recently, the effect on cognitive function and increased risk of dementia has also been discussed. In a 2014 study that analyzed 7184 patients with Alzheimer’s disease over the age of 65 in Canada, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease was up to 51% in the group taking benzodiazepines. The longer the duration of use, the higher the risk. This study drew attention in that it presented consistent results with the study published in 2012. In a 2012 study, among elderly patients aged 65 years and older, the risk of dementia was 50% higher in the group taking benzodiazepines for a long time.

Conversely, a study published in May of this year analyzed elderly patients enrolled in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiatives, and as a result, there was no risk of dementia or cognitive impairment, such as cognitive decline or increased beta-amyloid protein, in the group taking benzodiazepines. However, some are still raising awareness, saying that although this study shows that benzodiazepines do not have a “direct link” to cognitive function, “indirect effects” cannot be ruled out.

Buspirone secured safety
In this situation, interest is being drawn on buspirone, a non-benzodiazepine class. Buspirone acts entirely on the 5-HT1A receptor at the front of the synapse and partially acts on the 5-HT1A receptor at the back of the synapse to normalize the activity of serotonin. Buspirone, an azipyrone drug, is considered a drug that can compensate for the safety problems presented by benzodiazepines based on various evidences.

In a study comparing diazepam, a benzodiazepine drug (British Journal of Psychiatry 1989; 154:529-534), at 14 weeks of comparison, anxiety symptoms were controlled without withdrawal symptoms, and a study evaluating the effect on driving ability ( Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 1992;12:86-95) also showed anti-anxiety effects compared to diazepam without lowering driving ability. In addition, the sedative effect is not greater than that of benzodiazepines and placebo, so it is well tolerated (Am J Med 1986;80:17-21).

Consistent management effect
Buspirone is approved for the treatment of general and persistent anxiety disorders and for short-term relief of anxiety symptoms such as motor tension, autonomic nervous system hypersensitivity, and alertness. As a strategy of administering 20 to 30 mg three times a day, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 15 mg doses are on the market. The guidelines recommend a starting dose of 15 mg per day, and if necessary, it can be increased by 5 mg per day at intervals of 2-3 days. However, the daily dose cannot exceed 60 mg.

In an open-label, multinational, multicenter clinical trial involving 852 patients with generalized anxiety disorder, the effect of buspirone 15-75 mg/day was evaluated. As a result, the HAM-A scale score compared to the baseline was 10.6 points at 1 to 3 months, 4 A decrease of 14.9 points at ~6 months and 16.4 points at 6 months or longer showed a significant improvement in anxiety disorders. The responses of patients and doctors about whether symptoms improved or not consistently increased over time.

In a double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled study conducted for 4 weeks, the mean HAM-A score was also significantly decreased as a result of comparing the buspirone 10-60 mg/day group (234 patients) and the placebo group (225 patients). Anger and tension were also relieved.

On the other hand, in a small but double-blind study of 94 patients compared to benzodiazepine alprazolam and placebo for 6 weeks, both drugs relieved anxiety disorder scales to a similar extent at 6 weeks compared to placebo.

Opened GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center in Yongin, specialized in color therapy

color therapy

The GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center, which specializes in color therapy, announced on the 28th that it will open in Dongbaek, Yongin, and conduct various programs.

The GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center, operated by GBG Colorin, offers programs such as color therapy and finding out your personality.

According to the company, ‘11 Color Tales’ conducted by the Psychological Counseling Center is a program that helps you find comfort and stability by identifying your temperament and inclination through the colors you choose. It provides time to find out my personality and strengths in detail, to look into my heart, and to get to know my thoughts and feelings through conversation.

An official from the Psychological Counseling Center said, “In the future, we will communicate genuinely so that people living near Yongin can feel lighter and happier.” It is also being used a lot as a couple date course in Korea.”

He continued, “In particular, there was no way for couples to convey their different feelings, but through the process of recognizing each other’s feelings through color, things that could not be said are resolved, and the satisfaction of couples is very high.” We can lighten our hearts and let go of the heaviness, and the reason we are having a hard time is because we turn away from the truth in our heart, so the answer is to be true to ourselves.”

Meanwhile, more information about the GBG Color Psychological Counseling Center and counseling programs can be found on the website or by phone.

Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo

Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo

Thenaplus, Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo… First launched on

Thena Plus announced on the 28th that it will be broadcasting the first Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo through

Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo, also called ‘Ma Dongseok Shampoo’, does not contain ingredients suspected of harm to the human body (parabens, silicone oil, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, sulfate surfactants), etc. A Thena Plus official said, “Through natural extracts, four patented ingredients for scalp, hair root, and hair loss relief ingredients, we focused on soothing the scalp and adjusting the oil and moisture balance to PH 5.5~6.5.” It is a functional product that helps relieve symptoms of hair loss by maintaining it.”

Lee Young-hee, CEO of Thena Plus, said, “Through human tests, the results of Thena Plus Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo were found to help improve the number of hair loss and reduce scalp heat, scalp dead skin cells and sebum amount, hair volume roots, hairline elasticity restoration power, and scalp density improvement. It is a functional product certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to relieve hair loss symptoms and is optimized for scalp concerns.” “In commemoration of the first launch of home shopping, the product is composed of the lowest price discount and best-in-class benefits. is also possible,” he said.

Thenaplus ‘Green Therapy’ hair loss shampoo, first launched on on July 29th

‘Thena Plus’ (CEO Lee Young-hee), where Ma Dong-seok and Kim Yeon-kyung are working as exclusive models, will broadcast the first Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo broadcast through from 14:40 on July 29 (Fri).

Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo, also called ‘Ma Dongseok Shampoo’, does not contain ingredients suspected of harm to the human body (parabens, silicone oil, synthetic pigments, artificial fragrances, sulfate surfactants) and contains natural extracts and 4 types for scalp, hair root and hair. It is a functional product that helps to relieve hair loss symptoms by maintaining the scalp and hair condition optimized by adjusting the oil and moisture balance to pH 5.5~6.5 while soothing the scalp through patented ingredients and hair loss alleviation ingredients.

Thena Plus CEO Lee Young-hee said, “Through human tests, the results of Thena Plus Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo were found to help improve the number of hair loss and reduce scalp heat, scalp dead skin cells and sebum amount, hair volume roots, hairline elasticity restoration power, and scalp density improvement. It is a functional product certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for alleviating hair loss symptoms, and it is a shampoo optimized for scalp concerns. ” he said.

Meanwhile, Thena Plus is a hair loss hair care brand specializing in hair loss research know-how of Thena R&D Center and hair research of Saerom Cosmetics, which has been researching hair products for over 20 years, and only presents products that relieve hair loss symptoms. Eco-friendly recycling packages are being used.

Thenaplus launches ‘Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo’ on

Hair care brand Thena Plus announced on the 28th that it will sell ‘Green Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo’ through on the 29th.

‘Green Therapy Defoaming Shampoo’, also known as Ma Dongseok Shampoo, does not contain ingredients suspected of harm to the human body, such as parabens, silicone oil, and synthetic pigments, and contains natural extracts, four patented ingredients effective for scalp, hair root, and hair, as well as hair loss relief ingredients. product. The oil-water balance is at a pH of 5.5 to 6.5, which helps to alleviate the symptoms of hair loss.

Lee Young-hee, CEO of Thena Plus, said, “Through human body tests, it has been found that it helps to improve the number of hair loss, reduce scalp heat, scalp dead skin cells and sebum amount, hair volume roots, hairline elasticity restoration power, and scalp density improvement. It is a functional product,” he said.

On the other hand, Thena Plus is a brand specializing in hair loss and hair care, and it continues its activities for the environment, such as the use of recyclable paper packaging.

Dao Anma(다오안마) Registered lower body massage from Gyeolskin & Body that can take care of the whole body


Gangnam Dao Anma(다오안마) located in Hakdong is a must-book for the best facilities!

Before I visited, I talked to the director on the phone and told him where I wanted to be managed, so I visited at the reservation time.

It is about a block away from Hakdong Station, and there is a bus stop nearby, so it is a good place to go by public transportation.

It is located in the Blue Village shopping district opposite the Gangnam Homeplus Hakdong branch, so it has good accessibility.

I heard that people from other towns as well as people living in the Middle East are coming to see me.

I’ve been to many places to get lower body massages, and I was impressed by the cleanliness of the interior and the neatness of the store.

In addition to the neat interior, customers who receive full-body care worked hard to relax.

The two beds, the changing room space, and the counseling room space were all separated, so you could receive a lower body massage in a comfortable environment. As mentioned earlier, it feels much more private because the director of Dao Anma(다오안마) directly takes care of customers, rather than taking turns managing customers.

View more courses and programs in Dao Anma(다오안마)

It’s such a pretty space, so I took another video. If you’re curious about the interior structure, you can check it in advance before you go.

I fell in love with the kindness of the boss who served me a cup of tea on time

As it was my first visit while drinking a cup of tea you gave me, I began serious consultations on why I visited Dao Mama in Gangnam so much and what customized telegraph management I needed.

In November last year, I was told that I had a disc procedure on my back due to dislocation of the intervertebral disc, and my worries were openly extended.

He also had a high understanding of the right body shape so that he registered his membership after his first visit.

I was seriously consulting for about 5-10 minutes and was guided to the changing room, and it was cutely decorated across the changing room, so I laughed.

Lockers are also equipped with plenty of room, and simple beauty tools are provided so that even if you have a date or an important schedule after management, there is no problem.

At Galskin & Body, which can take care of skin, face contour, decolte, upper body, abdomen, and lower body, it was thorough in “cleaning” and “sanitation,” and it was safe to receive care with disposable innerwear.

Before making a reservation here, I was able to check out the special management secrets of this place in the reviews of other visitors, and after experiencing it myself, I’m amazed by “Wow!!!! Awesome!!!”

I was able to compare myself lying down in a comfortable position, looking at the ceiling, and lying down right away. My back is bulging like a tripe…I could see with my eyes that not only the hip height but also the lower body was not balanced.

My body type is better than anyone else, my pelvis is twisted a lot, and my legs are bent in an O-shape, so I’ve been stressed for a long time due to a lower body complex, but after checking this out, I really needed care.

Dao Anma(다오안마) Powerful handwriting management from the director’s small hands is recommended.

The picture attached above shows that the left and right balance and the swollen calves have become slimmer as if they had gained weight.

Before I received the director’s smart and good lower body massage, my legs were chubby due to calf lower body edema.

Not only is it asymmetrical due to the lack of balance between the left and right sides of the knee and shin, but also the difference in the length of both legs can be clearly felt because the heel is not horizontal.

Even if I knew common sense that a person’s left and right balance was not perfect, I didn’t know it would stand out this much.

Still, after receiving a lower body massage with the sincere touch of the director, who has a good body shape, the calves’ line seems to be softer.

The management time for each part is slightly different, and it was a very satisfying experience to the extent that the whole body recognized my body suffering from cervical sprain and intervertebral disk escape more accurately than anyone else and even took special care of my throat.

Unlike other leg management programs, the upper pelvis was also carefully cared for, so I paid a 500,000 won membership right away after my first visit.

After receiving care, I could see how much I was satisfied with my lighter legs, softer neck, and shoulders. I visited because of the lower body blood circulation, which was my biggest concern, but I want to recommend this place to people who are planning special events such as prenatal, postpartum, or marriage because I am also taking care of my skin in addition to hand-written care for my right body shape.

★Dao Anma★ The director is kind and disinfects the store from time to time for cleanliness
Since you can visit with confidence because of the hygiene inspection, I hope that not only school children and Middle East residents but also people from other neighborhoods will experience it once.

Get a couple massage at a place that’s good at Gangnam massage!

couple massage

[“Gangnam Massage” – Natural Thai’s Yeoksam Main Store]

Today, I’m going to have a massage with my brother

I made a reservation at the Yeoksam headquarters of Natural Ties🙂

Natural Thai Par Yeoksam Main Store
425 Midas Building, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Business hours – 10:00 a.m. – 01:00

Thai-style interior and

I noticed a lot of celebrity autographs

It came out on “Show Me The Money” before

It was the place I went to, so I looked it up right away

I guess a lot of people come to get Gangnam massage. 🙂

< Yeoksam Massage – Natural Tie Wave Price>

My brother and I received it a long time ago and we really liked it

I decided to get Deep Tissue Oil Therapy☺️

Natural Thai people have accumulated membership

So after I finished taking care of my skin,

There are people who make reservations for next week in advance~


From 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays,

You can get an early bird discount!

There’s a lot of discounts, right?

Also, if you add friends to Kakao Talk,

They’re giving you discount coupons. Make sure you watch it before you visit Haha

Deep tissue oil therapy is

I use aroma oil for my skin uses aroma oil

They gave me sanitary underwear and a gown

You can change in the dressing room~

There was a shower room inside

Natural Thai people are also trying to prevent COVID-19

You’ve been doing it thorough

Whenever you use the changing room, you disinfect the alcohol

But since we’re coming out,

The owner disinfected it right away👍

couple massage

After I change,

I picked aroma oil

I can’t digest these days. Peppermint, which is good for digestion

I chose lavender that’s good for muscle pain

Next is Foot Spa

When I put my feet in warm water, I felt drowsy

It’s been a while since I got a couple massage

To commemorate it, I’s anniversary

In a little while, the managers came

He wiped my feet

Let’s go get a massage~~

We decided to take care of ourselves in a large couple room!

There’s a disposable pad on the pillow

It’s more hygienic and reassuring

Oh, I’m getting a massage 안마야

I don’t know if it’s because I used aroma oil,

It didn’t hurt that much. I was able to receive it comfortably

I don’t like it when it hurts.

It’s cool because it’s all over the place

Smelling peppermint also calms me down

An hour flew by

You said you were relieved from all the fatigue you’ve had

He said it was so good

As expected, it’s worth coming here to get a couple massage!Haha

In Yeoksam Massage Natural Ties,

We’re doing an event for couples

I recommend you to go on a date 😊

Let’s get back to health with 2runbest Thai massage!

2runbest Thai massage

Healing with 2runbest Thai massage

2runbest Thai massage Healing… I really need healing these days

The situation is unstable, so my mind is unstable

I’m nervous, and some of them are united.Hahaha

But don’t you feel most comfortable when you come home?

In my most comfortable house,

Pyeongtaek Tai Massage where you can get a massage

I got it. It’s called Healing Home 2runbest Thai. ^^

This massage is unique in my house! Or in the office! It’s just a space for a mat

Everywhere the “visit massager” visits

It’s a tie massage at 2runbest It’s cool, right? ^^

Only female teachers work for healing home ties

So, women can feel comfortable

You can get a 2runbest Thai massage.

They’re from Thailand. because

You can get a traditional massage

They’re all locally trained

You can’t lose your skills anywhere

The price is similar to other shops

Even if it’s early in the morning,

There’s no charge for other things.

I also like aroma. Lavender

I really like it, so I like jasmine is good too

I heard that you’re coming to my house

Guys, do you… Decadent? Things like that, too

I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s possible. Never.Versus

He says no. ^^ He never answers

It’s a healthy taimasaji. Aromasaji

It’s an official massage that only has two menus

A day when my body is really stiff and tired!

24 hours… I came home after working overtime

Make a reservation. ^^

My trapezius muscle, which is embarrassing to wear a sleeveless shirt,

Relax your back muscles

To me, who is hard and bumpy,

A ray of light and salt of hope.crying

Your calves, thighs, shoulders, and back

It hurt a lot. Even the hips

Why is there no place that’s not cool?

I didn’t know my muscles were that tight…

I stretch at the end of the 2runbest Thai massage course

There was a bone-in-the-bone course. I was scared at first

I let go of my mind and left my body to it

I’m going to go back to where I couldn’

I felt like I was going back. The most important thing is

It’s about maintaining the right posture

I spend more than 10 hours on the computer all day

It’s hard work…ㅠㅠ 2runbest Thai massage Temple

My body that I couldn’t take care of

It felt like I was taking care of myself.

After that, my body

Your posture, your neck, your shoulders… Muscle health

I care about it regardless of time

That’s the best

Thank you so much! I’m going to use it oftenHaha

(The contact information is in the picture.)

Please take a reservation^^)

오피런피플 링크모음

Hot springs, mineral water, walks, immune tables…to experience wellness [SPA tour road]

Immunity Table of the Five Colors Green Hotel in Yangyang, Gangwon-do
Five-color hot springs with excellent therapeutic effects
Five-color mineral water, famous for its good water,
Even a beautiful walk in the main valley

The main goal is under Hangilryeong in 오피 Yangyang, Gangwon Province. It is a scenic spot hidden by Seoraksan Mountain and a travel destination with five-colored mineral water and five-colored hot springs. It is still popular in the past and now in that it is a combination of five-colored mineral water known for its good water, five-colored hot springs with excellent therapeutic effects, and light mountain climbing to relieve mental and physical fatigue.
There are about 10 hot spring baths in this area, of which the five-colored Greenyard Hotel is the most famous. It is a “wellness tourist destination” selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization, and is visited by many travelers all year round as you can enjoy cool carbonated hot springs and hot five-colored hot springs at the same time. Wellness is a combination of well-being, happiness, and fitness. It refers to a socially healthy state as well as body and mind.
The five-colored hot spring is an alkaline hot spring that feels slippery and soft when it touches the skin. It is known to be effective for neuralgia and skin diseases, and to be good for recovery from illness and fatigue. Carbonated hot springs are low-temperature hot springs at 27°C lower than body temperature, and are known to be effective in treating and preventing stressful diseases in urban people. In particular, it removes foreign substances from the skin and makes the skin smooth, so it is called a “beauty’s bath.”
It is even better to serve as an immune table along with hot springs. The five-colored Greenyard Hotel’s immune table consists of 15 kinds of natural foods. Songi mushroom porridge using pine mushrooms, nutritious gondre brown rice, blackberry salad to help antioxidants, garlic chicken breast steak, sea-scented tootnamul and cold seasoned with Seorak energy, tomato sauce salmon salad, and frozen blueberries are not finished as a meal.

Immune Table at the Green Yard Hotel
If you add five-colored mineral water, it’s icing on the cake. The place where the five-colored mineral spring rises is Osaek-ri Village. It was first discovered around 1500 by a monk of Seongguksa Temple in Jujugol, Seoraksan Mountain. It originated from a tree with five colors of flowers in the background of Seongguksa Temple and was named Osaek Mineral Spring. There are three mineral springs, the upper mineral water has a lot of iron, and the lower two have a lot of carbon dioxide. If you moisten your throat with a sip of mineral water after a meal and finish with a walk in the main valley that leads up to the valley, you can fall into a true “wellness” that you have never experienced in the city.

Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Naedonnaesan Review Travel for relaxation (pool , breakfast review)

Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Naedonnaesan Review Travel for relaxation (pool , breakfast review)

Jeongseon is a world far away from Busan

But this year, let’s conquer Gangwon-do

After cooking, I plan to go to Sokcho and Yangyang in the summer anyway, so I go to the mountains rather than the sea.

I chose the Jeongseon tour
오피사이트가이드에서 나에게 딱 맞는 웰니스 리조트를 찾아보세요!

3 days 2 nights in Jeongseon

Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Sukam Twin Suite 3 Days 2 Nights

This is a review

9-12, Jungbong-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00

Jeongseon city? town? About 20 minutes from

was the place to go

Park Roche & Wellness

surrounded by mountains

It was a very quiet location.

check in on friday

The lobby was relatively quiet.

The lobby I used to come as soon as I arrived.

It was just like a gallery

I saw a lot of birch trees in this area.

It looked like a birch tree.

A British artist’s landscape of Jeongseon

It’s called painted

Wow.. it’s different from other fancy hotels

There was comfort and luxury.

From the lobby, there is a sense of anticipation.

Of course, I’ve been looking for it on the internet, haven’t I?

It is said that the word ‘Roche’ in Park Roche means stone.

That’s why the interior made of ‘stone’

+ tree

Stones and trees.. so natural and pretty…

Review of Jeongseon Park Roche & Wellness Vacation

Sukam Twin Suite

​Park Roche was much better than I expected!

I am a real wood + stone

Is it because of this interior?

Even though it looks like a luxury hotel, it feels like home

so good

Like the name of Park Roche & Wellness

A space for wellness and relaxation

I would design it like this

It seemed like a well-made place.

I had a great rest!

Actually it’s much better

Don’t be fooled by the picture…

Even the smell when you enter is good, the atmosphere and the scent

Everything was the perfect concept for ‘rest’.

In the kitchen, instead of coffee, tea bags, teaware, and teacups.

There are wine glasses and openers, and there is a mini refrigerator.

There was also a microwave.

I could easily heat up the food I bought and eat it.

I heard that the cups and teacups are all from Gwangju… They’re so pretty..~~

Bedroom, living room,

There is even a mini-kitchen where you can easily cook.

The wallpaper and sofas are also in beige and gray tones.

It’s all in a calming tone, so it’s a very calming atmosphere!


I really wanted to decorate my bathroom like this…

The bathtub with beige marble is also nice.

Amenities were cammomentary.

I’ve used this before and it was a good product.

I have it as an amenity in Park Roche haha

Lighting and illumination can be fine-tuned.

Even when the temperature was set to 26 degrees, it was too dry.

No matter how many wet towels hang

It was too dry..

A mountain view of the lush green Park Roche.

good for taking pictures,

There is a sofa in front of the window.

I left a photo.

Park Roche Breakfast

I thought we could eat outside.

We are visiting in early April.

There was no such person.

Still, when the weather is good, even outdoors

It looks very pretty.

​Not missing scrambled eggs, breads,

Ham and sausage are basic

There is samchi, and there is a Korean menu.

Eat western food once, eat Korean food once

I’ve been eating too much since morning.

If there is oatmeal, get it.

I don’t really like whole wheat bread.

Parc Roche Breakfast Whole Wheat Bread

It was very soft and smooth.

2nd Korean food

Indispensable in Jeongseon

The salted octopus on the gondre rice is also delicious ㅜㅜ

up to name

Also, I like Korean food for breakfast..

I like pretty western breakfast too.

Koreans are Koreans lol

The dressings were also very healthy.

Balsamic drizzled over olive oil.

Lots of chickpeas too!

I really felt like my stomach was going to explode

(Pictures above were not taken with my husband)

I ate alone hahaha)

But, you still have to eat dessert.

(Required to share with my husband)

Take out even the real coffee lol

He said that he seems to have picked some breakfast beans.

Park Roche Pool

The pool was under construction when I went.

Only the indoor pool and jacuzzi were available.

Of course, for outdoor swimming.

Although it was a bit cold

The sad part

I was working on a tile replacement.

Somehow.. Actually, this tile

I thought it didn’t go well with Park Roche.

So are you changing it?

This is a private jacuzzi.

You have to make a separate reservation to use it.

The indoor pool is small.

It’s a no kids zone.

The pool is small, so there is no place to sit.

I went to the bathroom and only used the sauna.

Park Roche Cafe

beer after bath

It was so delicious… .

so cool ! 💆🏻‍♀️

​Park Roche Cafe is better than you think

Not expensive for a hotel

Usually at a restaurant that is good these days

It’s the price to eat, so I ate without any hesitation.

Actually, since I came to Jeongseon, I had something to eat from Gangwon-do.

I wanted to eat more.

I really didn’t have anything to eat for 3 days 2 nights in Jeongseon…

On the first day, I ate Kodungchigi noodles and Assorted Jeon.

that’s the end ^^

I ate it. It was delicious.

I don’t think you can eat tadpole noodles.

It seems that all of them are herbs.. There was nothing else to eat.

So, you can enjoy the Parc Roche Breakfast and the Parc Roche Cafe.

You can even find it by accident ^^; haha

​Punggi porcini pizza 19.0

Linguini Aloe Anchovies 23.0

And 2 cups of Cloud 8.0

I ordered this

I heard that Parc Roche Cafe is a pizza restaurant.

Pizza is also delicious!

Pasta tastes better

Anchovies Pasta..It was salty and really delicious🤍

Goes well with beer

3 days 2 nights

In fact, I have no will to the Monga movement.

I didn’t even bring yoga clothes.

She can’t even do yoga in Parc Rosh

It’s a bit disappointing that I enjoyed it less than 2%

I had a really good rest

I really liked the PARKROCHE itself!

If it’s not far, I want to go again..!


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“It’s okay if your life is unsatisfactory.

It means I’m ready to grow again!“

Darren Hardy, the author of the book, is a self-made millionaire who is already 27 years old and owns a business with annual sales of more than $50 million. He has also served as the publisher and editor-in-chief of the 120-year traditional self-development magazine “Success” and has analyzed success strategies shared by numerous entrepreneurs and celebrities. Through his personal experience and conversations with world leaders, Darren Hardy’s secret to success is simple. It is to apply the compound effect, a compound effect, to our lives, that makes a huge difference through a small but wise series of choices.

In interviews with Richard Branson, Colin Powell, and Serina Williams, Darren Hardy found six key skills needed for compound effects to work. With only these six skills, anyone can make their life a blessing. It is a book that will present simple yet powerful strategies for all kinds of life redevelopment plans, including eating habits, body care, salary rise, and business success, and cause explosive changes and success.

Table of Contents

RECOMMENDATION: Tony Robbins to people with problems in their lives
Prologue: Life is a blessing if you learn six things

Chapter 1 Use the Compound Effect: The Art of Benefits
What is compound effect | 1 Cent magic | Minor differences eventually change fate | Big waves created by small waves | Truths evidenced by experience and history | No instant success | How compound effect

Chapter 2 Focus on This Moment: The Art of Choice
Elephants Don’t Bite | Blame or Appreciation | Be 100% Responsible for Yourself | Learn the Luck Equation Properly | Finished ‘Lucky Equations’ | Track Your Behavior | Money Traps You | 3 Weeks Self-Tracking System | Invisible Change Makes a Hero | I Just Went Around The Building | The Secretaries Who Became A Millionaire | Time Piling Up | How to Run a Marathon | How to Run a Compound Effect

Chapter 3 Make Your Behavior My Side: The Art of Habitualization
Human beings are ‘habit animals’ | Get out of the trap of instant gratification | Find your ‘wy-power’ | Power to make everything possible | Find the value you can never give up | See what’s important to fight | What are your goals look like | How do you get rid of bad habits | How do you change your habits?

Activating Your Daily Life with Chapter 4 Routine: The Art of Momentum
Power to Accelerate Your Success | Let Routine Work | Focus on the Beginning and End of the Day | Morning Routine | Sweet Dream-Giving Evening Routine | Sometimes Shake Your Routine | What Happens When You Leave Yourself to the Rhythm | There’s an Order to Rhythm | Constant is Competitive | Let Water Pour from Pump | Compound Act

Chapter 5 Control External Factors: A Description of Influence
1st Influence, Input: Beans Up | Don’t Touch Dirty Water | Watch Your Glass | Media Consumption Needs a Diet | 2nd Influence, Relationship: Who Are Around You | Cut Off People Like This | Find Your Success Partner | Mentor’s Investment Tips | Change Your Environment | 3rd Influence

Chapter 6 Grow Explosively: Technology of Acceleration
When Does the Moment of Truth Come | Key to Growing exponentially | Beyond Others’ Expectations | Reasons to Act Unexpectedly | Beyond Expectations | How Compound Effect Works

Opista is a community site that shares your running information. Please access using the opga address. This is the guide opista who always gives you new information.

Opista is the number one community site in Korea.

We will always provide you with new information.

The final installment of “Human Trilogy” by Yuval Harari following “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”

World’s First Korean and English Version to be Published at the Same Time

The best guide to understanding the huge transition

a must-have book for Sapiens of the 21st century at a crossroads

The author, who discussed the past in Sapiens and the future in Homodeus, talks about the present this time. Will humans lose their jobs to robots, will democracy fail, and will the Earth be safe from environmental destruction? If you want prosperity, not destruction, pay attention to Yuval Harari’s suggestion.

The author does not address all the effects of new technologies in this book. It mainly seeks to shed light on the threats and risks it poses. Part 1 outlines the challenges we face, and part 2 looks at the reactions that may occur in the future. The third part analyzes the threat of terrorism, the dangers of global war, and how to deal with the problems of prejudice and hatred that trigger such disputes.

In part 4, we look at the concept of exhaustion and ask to what extent we can understand the development of the world and distinguish between justice and wrongdoing, and in part 5, we look at our lives in this era of chaos more comprehensively. Through this, it suggests a solution to what kind of tomorrow humanity will create today, which is locked in and opposed to ethnicity, religion, and racism.

Born in Haifa, Israel, he received his doctorate in medieval war history from the University of Oxford in 2002. He is currently a professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is conducting research on a wide range of questions, including the relationship between history and biology, the essential differences between Homo sapiens and other animals, the progress and direction of history, and the issue of happiness in history. In 2009 and 2012, he was awarded the Plonsky Award for Creativity and Originality in Humanities, and the Moncado Award for his thesis on military history in 2011. He was selected as the “British Israel Academy of Science” in 2012 and gave a keynote speech on the future of mankind at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2017, “Homo Deus” was selected as the “Most Insightful and Influential Economic Book of the Year” by Handelsblat, a leading German business magazine.

At the crossroads, “Human Trilogy,” “Sapiens,” “Homo Deus,” and “21 Suggestions for the 21st Century,” which explored the past, future and present of mankind for Sapiens in the 21st century, have been published in more than 50 countries around the world and became a global bestseller with 16 million copies. The Memoirs of the Renaissance War by Yubal Harari is a prior study that serves as the ideological background of the “Human Trilogy” and is a doctoral dissertation at the University of Oxford in Harari. Now, it is time to take a glimpse of the origin of Harari’s ideas, which present a new and bold perspective on history and the future.

Opista is a community site that shares your running information. Please access using the opga address. This is the guide opista who always gives you new information.

Opista is the number one community site in Korea.

We will always provide you with new information.

at the same time

Diamond argues that Eurasian civilization is not a product of originality, but of opportunity and necessity. In other words, civilization is not created with excellent intelligence, but is the result of a series of developments made possible by specific prerequisites.

The first step toward civilization is the movement from nomadic hunter-gatherers to a rooted agricultural society. Several conditions are required for this transition to occur. A climate dry enough to maintain storage, and access to animals gentle and versatile enough to keep livestock. Control of crops and livestock leads to food surpluses. There is a theory that people can specialize in activities other than maintaining a living and support population growth. The combination of specialization and population growth leads to the accumulation of social and technological innovations based on each other. A large society develops the ruling class and supports bureaucracy, which eventually leads to the organization of the state and empire.

Although agriculture occurred in many parts of the world, Eurasia gained an early advantage because more plant and animal species suitable for domestication are available. In particular, Eurasia has two types of barley, wheat, three types of protein-rich food, fibers, goats, sheep, and cattle. Eurasian grains were more protein-rich, easier to sow, and easier to store than American corn or tropical bananas.

As early Western Asian civilizations began trading, additional horses and donkeys were found in adjacent territories, especially for transportation.